Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The big application came

I had sent in the mini-application a week or so ago to this non-profit that helps culinary businesses get started. As each day passed I started to think that maybe they were never going to answer me so I was surprised when I got an email from them yesterday with the next step in the process. The lengthy application. As I read it over I started to get scared. This is such a huge undertaking and who the heck is going to want to give me money? My divorce had damaged my credit and I had filled myself with horror stories of banks never wanting to lend to anyone with less than perfect credit. Then the self doubt kicks in and I start to think that nobody will want to buy my food or they will roast me on the internet. That I will fail. The fear is close to paralyzing but I am going to force myself through the fear and continue on. Maybe, I will get halfway and realize I am not ready yet but maybe I will find that I do have good ideas and that I will be successful. I am confident in my ability to understand what people want and in what price range. I know that I understand this business better than most. So my challenge to myself this week is to finish the application and send it back and get a good way into my business plan. I will never have the life I want if I live in a place of fear and self doubt. 

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  1. You can DO this. I know how hard it is to overcome the paralyzing fear that comes with the unknown and the thought of rejection. After reading your blogs I KNOW you have the strength to push past your fears and make this dream a reality. My thoughts and prayers are with you