Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Favorite Restaurants: Oishii

For those of you who know me already you know of my undying affection for sushi. Make that all out obsession. It started with a determination to try the "raw fish" Japanese food that people in my small town mocked. One day on my way from college to my job in a veterinary office I stopped in a new sushi restaurant on Route 1. I went in and told the guy behind the counter I had no idea what to order and just give me what was good. He sent me home with a California roll. I was not impressed. However I was still curious. Eventually I met a friend who did know something about sushi and I couldn't get enough.
Since then I have searched for truly great places that I love. One of the them is a restaurant called Oishii. They are fantastic but tiny and the wait can be 2 hours some evenings so I rarely go there. When one of my clients wanted to truly fantastic sushi for an event recently I knew it would have to come from one of the best and it was impressive. You can see just from this picture the quality. Just looking at it makes me hungry.

I have tried making sushi on my own. The first time was interesting. Not horrible but definitely had a homemade feel. Subsequent attempts have gotten better but there is nothing like sitting in a sushi bar letting a master make it for you.


  1. How I wish I liked sushi. I feel like I'm missing out but I did try it. The stuff does look yummy, just in my skillet! LOL

  2. Hi Ashley! I love sushi! Those look fresh as! Thanks for dropping by adobodownunder. Cheers.

  3. I'm so happy to hear you tried to explore more authentic version of sushi! The sushi chef who gave you California roll made me laugh. That's little sad. Does Oishii sushi chef does Omakase (chef's choice)? This is the best way to test the quality of sushi. It may cost a little more for less number of sushi, but sushi is rather a luxury food, and definitely quality not quantity. Try the seasonal fish besides regular kinds. There are so many tasty fish that we can't really find in American supermarket... :-)

  4. I can't believe how fortunate we are - in our tiny flyspeck town, a nice Korean family moved in & bought the local convenience store - he is a master sushi chef! (He only offers it on the weekends which only makes it one more reason to look forward to Fridays)

    1. That is awesome! I would look forward to it as well. My family really enjoys sushi. Thanks for stopping by!