About Me

I have loved everything about food since I was 5 years old. My idea of good time was standing in my grandmothers kitchen cooking up a storm in my tiny red apron she made. Even in the early 80's my grandmother was into healthy eating so all the baking we did was with whole wheat flour. I didn't know any other kind existed! My mother has and always will be a picky eater so in her house the choices were limited. She stuck to the basics and it wasn't until I starting working in restaurants that the world of food opened up to me and I couldn't get enough. Some of my fondest memories were working the line during the day with the chef making burgers, salads, and buffalo wings at my first real job or going out in the dining room and making Caesar salad from scratch in front of the customers. There is something magical about discovering a new flavor or texture and I think the way to learn about and connect with other cultures is through their food. In my own kitchen I enjoy mixing different cuisines and adapting recipes to be healthy. I hope you enjoy the recipes and share some of your own with me. 
Food is love.