Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reflecting on the Holidays

Food is my life. Literally. As the manager of a division of a catering company we start work on the holidays in the summer. While the rest of the working world is taking summer vacations we are already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving dinners and what is the latest trend for the corporate Christmas party. By the time the actual holidays come around I am usually pretty burned out and rush through the food preparation in daze. (Yes, I still make everything from scratch)
This year I have decided to test some of the ideas I have had for my own holiday and share them with you. As a child I remember being given the job of opening the cans of cranberry sauce. Shaking out the can shaped blob and listening to it slap onto the plate with a sucking kurplunk. I took great pleasure in slicing it into measured discs and artfully arranging them on the special plate my grandmother kept for it each year. It never occurred to me cranberry sauce even came in different forms! So my next project is a homemade cranberry sauce that is not only delicious and will thoroughly impress your family and guests, but is easy enough you can not make an excuse not to try it this year with me! Stay tuned.

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